Facebook Lite Android App-the lighter version of Facebook app


Facebook Lite

Recently, Facebook has launched their lighter version for Android App which is available in the emerging markets.

Facebook Lite has made for Low-Budget Android Smartphones as it consumes little space in the phone. The app’s size is just 252KB. It uses less data and available in all network conditions.Especially, this app is useful for those phones which would have slow internet connection. Even it works for 2G Phones.

This Facebook app is fast to install.It has low internal storage less than 1MB.It is efficient with slower data speed and locations which consumes less data than the original Facebook app.

Users can enjoy Facebook’s lighter version having with normal Facebook features, but there has such features included in this app like as Camera Integration, Push Notifications etc.

This fastest loading app is available in these countries –Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

For more information, visit here: https://www.facebook.com/help/everyphone-push-touch

Download Facebook Lite from Play Store

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