5 best apps for your daily work life


Friends, in the days of the Internet and smartphone world, nobody can work without these two things. Your daily work life is surrounded with your smartphone.  You can do your work even sitting comfortably in your home.  To do this, you have to install these useful best apps on your phone.

5 best apps

1. ES File Explorer File Manager

The free and simple app manages your files and documents easily. You can share and transfer files without using your phone’s data.   You can manage files with options such as cut, copy, paste, compress, and rename.  You can get files from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Yandex and more.  You could manage files with your PC too.  In this app, there are advanced tools such as App Manager, Library, Root Explorer, Bluetooth File Browser, Wi-Fi File Transfer, Real Time Observer, Cache Cleaner and Auto-Start Manager, Note Editor and more.

Download ES File Explorer

2.Google Keep

It is a simple app to keep your notes and to-do activities. Create and access your notes on any device.  You can check your completed task and activities.  You can add photos/drawings in this app.

Other features:

  • Group Notes
  • Color your notes
  • Search Notes
  • Transcribe your notes
  • Collaborate your notes and lists with other
  • You can create lists/notes by using ‘OK Google’

Download Google Keep


Its design is beautiful and easy to use.  It allows accessing email accounts from multiple email providers.  You can use color coding for each email account.  It manages group emailing and push email service for each email provider.  It contains beautiful themes. You can get email notifications on your Android wear from the app.

Other features:

  • Mark Emails as Done
  • Quick Filters
  • Set Emails to Later
  • Unread count
  • Service Logos
  • Lock Screen
  • Sender’s image

Download Bluemail

4. Camscanner

It is a world’s no.1 mobile docs scanning and sharing app. You can scan, store, sync, and collaborate important files across various devices. It allows PDF/ JPEG files too.  Search any files stored in the app by using keywords.  

You can invite your colleagues (Registered only) for collaborating on scanned docs.  Camscanner has facilities such as OCR, Print, and Fax, Advanced Editing, Sync across platforms, etc. You can protect your important docs with setting passwords.

Download Camscanner

5. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

This all-in-one PDF Editor and Reader allows you to read, sign, annotate and share PDF files.  Also, you can fill in PDF forms, open Office .docx and .pptx files.   You can auto-sync PDF files with other platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Download Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

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