Top Ten WhatsApp Tips which are useful for every Android User


WhatsApp makes your life easy, you can send many messages and calls as this app is free. But there are few elements in your favorite app, because of those, you become annoying. But don’t worry dear users; here are most useful tricks for WhatsApp which will make your messaging easy and hassle-free!

1. Now you know exactly that when your message has been read when those two ticks will turn blue. These ticks have placed next to that message in the chat window. But if you want some extra detail about that message, follow these simple steps-

Tap and hold on that message, then tap the info icon placed above header


2. Android Users can replace their old Android smartphone with their WhatsApp Chat can do with using their Micro SD Card.

  • Simple, Just go to whatsapp Settings> Chat Settings> Back up chats and start Backup
  • Then go with any filemanger or file explorer app(e.g ES File Explorer) and find Whatsapp folder in the Device storage or Phone Memory or SDcard memory ..
  • Select Whatsapp folder and Move to Memory card or exSdCard ,Then remove Memory card from old phone and insert into your New phone.
  • Now Install WhasApp in new phone. but before create account in whatsapp we need to replace old whatsapp’s folder   with new one.
  • use a file explorer and go in to exSdCard or Memory card find and copy WhatsApp folder and overwrite in Device storage or Phone Memory or SDcard.
  • Now open whatsapp and create account ,while creating new account ,it will show you restore your old backup option..Just click on it and you will be done..!

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3. Sometimes Android Users want to save time to send a bulk message and also they don’t want that Recipients should know that message as a “Group Message”.  To those users, here is a feature named as “Broadcast” in WhatsApp.By this feature, Users can send the same message to multiple contacts, but that message will appear as a private message between two users. 

To do this, just tap Menu and then “New Broadcast” in your WhatsApp, Add contacts and create.If people reply you, this will show only to you instead of the full list.


4. If users want to see a recently deleted message, Just uninstall the app.

  • go to SdCard > WhatsApp > Databases using ES File Explorer.
  • You will see some files named like ‘msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8
  • Decide which backup file you want to restore.
  • Rename that file from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 to msgstore.db.crypt8.
  • Install WhatsApp,Tap Restore when asked

5. Now Users can access WhatsApp on their computer/laptop. Just open your Google Chrome browsergo to Then Open WhatsApp>WhatsApp Web option in the menu>scan the QR Code
shown in the browser.
6. If users don’t want to appear images from their WhatsApp on their android phone’s gallery or Photo’s app they can use this simple step.

Use ES File Explorer and go to sdcard> WhatsApp >Media and just create a “.nomedia”  file in images or video folder.
 Now, those directories will not appear in  phone’s gallery anymore.
7. If you want  Add conversation shortcut on your home screen, just tap and hold on the chat contact , then select Add Chat shortcut from the Pop-Up Menu. Now it will appear on your home screen. 

It will appear on the home screen like an app icon or widget.

8. If you don’t want notifications from group conversations every time on your phone, use this step on your WhatsApp.

Open Group Chat>Tap Menu Button>Tap Mute. You can select a time period there or just remove the tick in the show notifications box to turn these notifications off permanently.
9. If you want to protect your WhatsApp chats by using such security apps like as AppLock, Smart AppLock, Chat Block etc.These security apps will enable you to PIN/Password to protect those chats.

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10. If you want to hide your last seen; just follow these steps. 

Just go to Settings>Account>Privacy.

check Last Seen Seetings in WHO CAN SEE MY PERSONAL INFO section

Just tick on Nobody. This feature will hide your last seen when you not available online on Whatsapp ,but you wont’t be able to see other people’s Last Seen
Also , you can turn off read receipts(Blue Ticks) in the Privacy.

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