Top Five Whatsapp Tricks


Friends, Today, Whatsapp is becoming a major part in the virtual communication. But maybe you won’t know such Whatsapp tricks which will be useful in your routine Whatsapp conversation.

Here, we are giving such smart tips to you, just follow them

1. How to know that you are blocked by someone on Whatsapp?

If you want to know that someone has blocked you on his/her device.

Just try to add him/her in such groups. If nothing happens, in this case, you will realize that he/she has blocked you.

Very Sad!

2. Change Your Phone Number.

Just go to Setting-Account-Change Number. then insert your current number and new number.

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3. Remove those blue ticks.

Go to Setting-Account-Privacy, and then in “Privacy”, there will be a “Read Recipient” Option, just  Disable it.

Now you will get rid of those irritating blue ticks forever!

4. Change someone’s DP.

If you want to make fun of your friend, just change his/her DP on Whatsapp. You have to get a photo of 561×561 size

and save in  to the SDCard>WhatsApp>Profile Pictures and rename it with your friend’s phone number.

But Remember, You can use this trick only for your phone.

5. How to keep “Last Seen” Remained on Your Whatsapp.

Off Internet – Open WhatsApp Type and send a message on Whatsapp

Close Whatsapp-On Internet.

Now, you can see “Last Seen” remains the same which was in the past. It will never change.


We hope that you will follow these “Smart” Tricks for your Whatsapp. If you want to share Whatsapp tricks like these, Just put them in the comment box below!

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