Interesting hidden Android Lollipop Features and tricks- (Part 2)


1. How to add a new user/Guest Account

If you don’t want that you friend should not use your device, you can share the device with him/her by “Guest Mode” (with such limitations) or “Multiple User Mode” (without limitations).

To make a new user, Just swipe from the home screen, then Tap on “current user avatar” from “quick setting panel. “Also, you can enable “phone calling” feature from “More settings” to make Guest User. The “Guest User” is a right feature for kids and it works also for “Parents Control.”

Even there is another step to make a new user.

Go to Setting –> Users –> Add user There

will be a different Home Screen and settings for every new user which will be separate from yours. To Switch on another user, Tap “User Icon” by dragging below the “Notification Panel” and tap on that user which you want to select.

How to add a new user-Guest Account in lollipop

2. How to add trusted devices

If you connect your smartphone to other devices such as Smartwatch, you can set “Trusted Devices” to Bluetooth/NFC Tag. .Just go to Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock Here you can set any Bluetooth /NFC device.

When these devices will come in the range, there is no need to unlock them by Passcode/Pattern Lock.

How to add trusted devices lollipop

3. How to pin/unpin the screen

This feature allows you to pin anything on your screen at a given time. By pinning, there can’t get out any casual swipe or tap from the application until you unpin it. To enable pinning, just go to

Settings –>Security –> Tap Screen Pinning Launch that app which will you want to pin, and then tap the “Overview”/Multitask Button, and bring that app in the view.

You can pin that app by tapping on the pin icon placed below that app.To get out from the pinning tab, tap the “Overview” button and hold down it.

How to pin unpin the screen in lollipop

4. How to wake up your phone without pressing the power button

There is no need to press a power button frequently to display or wake up your phone. You can double tap on the screen anywhere to do it.

Go to Setting –> Display & lights –> Double-tap to wake

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5. How to search in settings

Due to a lot of options and settings in your smartphone, settings are becoming large and complex. But you can search in settings. Just tap on the magnifying glass and type what you want to search.


6. How to stop adding App Shortcut icons to home screen

After installing the new app, if you don’t want to its icon on the home screen, go to play store to disable it.

Play Store–> Settings –>uncheck “Add icon to Home screen”

stop adding App Shortcut icons to home screen

7. How to set button actions

As a user, you can do many actions on your smartphone in a day such as go to the home screen, lock or wake up the screen etc. Now you can configure these actions with Home button, Menu button, and Back button.

You can set any action which you want such as by double tapping the home button; you can go in the last application. This trick will be useful when you are working in various apps.

Friends, there are many more interesting hidden features of Android Lollipop 5 which we will tell you later. Till Then Bye-Bye!

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