How to recognize Fake BHIM apps, read here


PM Narendra Modi has launched the BHIM app to make digital payment easy. The app has downloaded by more than 3 million users.  But unfortunately, there have several duplicate BHIM apps entered in the Google Play Store.  That’s why users have confused about the real app.

Users are downloading these duplicate apps and using them for making their payments.

According to sources, there have entered several fake BHIM apps on the Google Play Store.  Some of these fake apps are guiding users to use the BHIM app.  These apps have similar designs to the real app. Users can get cheated by their similarity to the BHIM app.

Such duplicate apps ask users their personal data such as credit card no, debit card no etc. Also, there is an app which claims that it can verify user’s new Rs.2000 currency note.

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Here are those duplicate apps:

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How to find the original BHIM app:


  • The real BHIM app is available only on Google Play Store
  • Search ‘BHIM’  on the Play Store search bar, you will see the original BHIM app first in the row
  • The real app has developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).  So, you should check that if that BHIM app is developed by NPCI or not.  You must download the app developed by the above company.
  • If any BHIM app has any website domain in its title, just stay away from it.
  • After downloading the original app, you have to register your bank account and set up a UPI PIN for it.  There is not required any credit card as well as debit card number for making payments. Only your mobile number is enough for that.  Remember, your mobile number is your payment address in the real ‘BHIM’ app.



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