How to Make Short Videos on Your Android Smartphone


Such Android smartphone come with better qualified cameras.  You can get awesome photos/videos from these cameras.  Also, you get advanced editing tools in these phones.

But you shot any video from the smartphone camera; you have to make long shots in it.  You don’t want to miss any moment in that video. That’s why you and your friends have to see long and boring videos.

So, if you don’t want to bore your friends and family with your long-shot videos, you have to shorten/trim your videos.

Here are those tips, by which you can edit your videos without putting extra effort:


  • Select that video, which you want to edit




  • Click on the pencil icon placed below that video




  • You will get to see the timeline of that video, you can see that video as frame by frame below




  • Drag the edges of that timeline from one side, and trim your video




  • Cut the portion of that video, which you want




  • Tap on the ‘Trim’ option




  • Save the edited video



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