How to do factory reset to recover your smartphone ( Only for Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge)


If your Samsung Mobile is running slowly, “Factory Reset” is the best option to recover your device. But this option is required only for Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung S6 Edge for.

“Factory Reset” means the smartphone does not contain any data when you drop it from the box after buying it. You have to put your Samsung smartphone in that condition. Because Of the Factory Reset, all data from your phone such as photos, videos, contacts etc. everything will delete. So, it is better that you should save your data before doing the factory reset of your smartphone. After saving data, you can do a soft reset easily.
Open Settings and scroll down to the Backup and reset option. Towards the bottom of the screen, tap Factory Data Reset.
Before performing the factory reset on your phone, there will display a message saying as, “Your data will delete.” Just click OK on it.

Now Your phone has now been restored to factory settings

If you forget the password of your smartphone, just do a “Hard Reset.”

How to do a Hard Reset?

1. First, Turn Off your phone

2. Then, press all three buttons-Volume Up, Home and Power Button at the same time. There will come “Android Robot” on your phone’ screen.

3. After a little while, You will see Boot Menu,Using the volume up/down buttons and the power button to find and select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.

4. After completing factory reset, press the power button and restart the phone.

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