How to deal with an irritating android phone camera


Friends, it is possible that you are irritating due to your android phone’s camera, whether the camera crashes/fails while turning on it or the camera shows the black screen. But don’t be panic; here are some tips to cope with these annoying problems.

  1. If the camera suddenly stops after opening it, go to phone’s setting and select application manager. In application manager, go to all tab and select camera app. In the camera app, clear the cache data and other data.
  2. It happens often that you see the black screen while turning on the camera, so just turn off thecamera for few seconds and turn on it then. The other option is- Reset your phone. If your phone’ battery is removable, remove it by keeping it at “On” stage. This option may be caused some troubles to your phone, but it can solve the problem completely.
  3.  You turn on the camera then there comes the option named as “unable to start.” You can reboot the phone in this case. Also, you can try turning on-off the phone once. The other option is- Go to setting>app>all tab and select all tab. Then if you scroll at the bottom, you will see the camera app there. Select it, you will two option there-1.Clear Data 2.Clear Cache. Clear the second option. You can see the option named as “Camera Force Stop” at the top. Click it and restart your phone. Now the problem is solved.
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  4. After turning on the camera, if you see the message like as “warning: camera failed.” In thisproblem, either the phone will hang or go to home screen. You can solve this problem by restarting your phone. If this option doesn’t work, turn off the phone and go to recovery mode.
    Then Press power and Volume up/down button together. If you press these buttons for few seconds, the phone will go into recovery mode. Here it is possible that phone’s touch screen will not work. So, just Select Ok by power button with the help of Volume Down button. After that, your phone will go into recovery mode. There you will see the “Cache Particle” option, select it and give Ok to it. Then start the phone. Now the problem will solve. If this solution doesn’t
    work. Just Backup your phone’ data and reset it. To reset data, you should go to setting, where you can see the “backup and reset” option.

So, here are those solutions, by which you will get rid of your phone camera’ irritating problems. If those tricks don’t work on your phone, show your phone to any service center.

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