6 Hidden WhatsApp Features


Friends, you use WhatsApp to chat with your friends and family every day. But did you know that there are six Hidden WhatsApp Features, by which you can enjoy chatting more on the messenger? What are they? Check here:

1.Format the text

  • Bold- If you want to send your message using Bold format, type *_* on both sides of the message.

Example: *Hi, are you there?*

  • Italic- If you want to send your message in the italic format, type ‘_‘on both sides of the message.

Example: _How do you do? _

  • Strikethrough- if you want to send your message with the strikethrough format, type ~ on both sides of the message.

Example: ~Great~

  • Moonspace-if you want to send your message with the moonspace format, type “` on both sides of the message.

Example: “`Good “`

whatsapp formatting your messages

  • The alternative trick to format the WhatsApp message:

Tap and hold that message, which you’re typing, and follow the trick given below:

How do you do?

Tap this message »More »Select among italic, bold, moonspace, and strikethrough.

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2.Make chatting interesting with a GIF

You can send amazing GIFs while chatting.

  • Tap attach icon » Gallery » select video.
  • You can see that video in the WhatsApp video editor. Now, adjust it’s time for 6 seconds or less than 6 seconds.
  • In the WhatsApp video editor, you will see an icon called as “GIF” at the top right corner of the screen.  Tap on it. Your video will convert into a GIF.
  • Send the video by tapping on ‘Send video’ icon to your contacts.

convert gif from video whatsapp

Note:  You can only send/ make a gif of 6 seconds.

3.Pin your favourite contacts and groups

Another good Hidden WhatsApp Features. While chatting, messages pop- out constantly on your screen, so that you have to scroll down the chat list frequently. Hence, your message can go to a wrong contact.  To avoid this mess, you can pin your desired contact’s number in the chat list.

pin and unpin favorite chats in top

4.Chat in regional languages

If you think that WhatsApp is only for English-speaking users, then you’re wrong guys! Now, you can chat in various Indian languages.

change whatsapp language

5.Edit photos

While sending photos, you can also edit them. The app has provided various filters for editing. Even you can type text over the photo.

how to use whatsapp filters

6.Disable the ‘Automatic download’ option

Downloading photos/videos automatically during chatting can spoil the mobile data. Also, it can lead to mobile battery wastage.

disable auto media download whatsapp

  • Go to Settings » Data and storage usage » Media auto-download.
  • There will be three options: When using cellular data, When connected on Wi-Fi, and When roaming.
  • Tap each one and disable auto-download by unchecking options as following: images, audio, and video.

These are some Hidden WhatsApp Features

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Hidden WhatsApp Features you need to know about
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Hidden WhatsApp Features you need to know about
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