5 Easy Solutions to Fix 5 Common Problems of Your Android Smartphone


Most people in the world use Android smartphones.   Android users get access to several amazing features.  But they have to face such common as well as difficult issues.  These issues cause due to being more users of this popular OS.

You feel that these issues are difficult to solve, but you’re wrong.  Here we are giving easy solutions to those 5 common problems, which irritate you each day.

I can’t see my phone screen in bright sunlight



You can use the anti-glare screen protector. Also, increase your phone’s brightness up to the ‘Maximum’ mode.

My Android phone’s memory always becomes full


Delete cache files from your phone.  You can move existing apps to external memory.  Clean Master and Clean Cache are the best apps to solve this most common issue.

My phone isn’t reading  the SD card


Maybe the memory card is corrupted.  Just reformat the SD card with help of laptop/desktop

My phone always hangs up


Your phone hangs up or stops on the one screen, just leave it. Don’t tap any button.   Though you tap a Home button often, your phone doesn’t still work yet.  Turn off your phone for a while, and then turn on it again.  Your phone will run nicely.

My phone is not Wi-Fi connected


If the Wi-Fi network does not connect, you can use settings as follows:

  • Go to  Settings> Wi-Fi> Advance> Stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep
  • Tap on Stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep


If you want to share some interesting tips to fix the Android phone, you can post them in the comment section below.

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