Extract and Copy text from Any Image by Text Fairy: Here’s How


I know that it’s not easy to extract and copy the text from any image. Android users, especially designers have to struggle a lot to achieve this difficult task.

But if you had downloaded this app, you would not worry more for your work projects.

If you find images with interesting quotes/texts, you can copy them by using Text Fairy.

What is Text Fairy?

Text Fairy is the simple OCR Text Scanner app, by which you can convert your images to text. It can edit extracted texts as well.  The app can recognize extracted texts from more than 50 languages.  You can copy your scanned text into PDF.

How does work the app?


  • Download Text Fair on your device


  • After downloading it, launch it in your device. The app will ask your permission to access photo and media files.  Say Allow to it.


  • You will see two options there, 1.  Scan the image by clicking Camera, and 2.  Scan the image by selecting it from the Gallery.  Select your option.


  • Select the preferred language, in which you want to scan the text.


  • Now you can an image with the text, just tap on the ‘Start Text Recognition’ button. The app will start scanning your image.  After a few seconds, you will see your text in the format of plain text.


  • There will be three options to use that plan text:  Share, Copy, and Save as PDF.  You can select your option.




You see, how simple it is! But remember, the app doesn’t support handwritten texts.  Also, you should take sharp images with good lightening for scanning.

The app is free to use.

Here is Video Tutorial

Install Text Fairy on your Android device and tell your experience in the comment box below.

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