Check out WhatsApp ’s new features for Android Users!


After Beta Testing, Whatsapp has released v2.12.250 for android users. WhatsApp has brought new features in their messaging app. By these new features, Android users will get the new messaging  update. Also, Users get new emojis.

What’s more, data consumption which is used for WhatsApp calls has been reduced now.

Here are 5 new features as following:

1. Custom Notifications.


You will get WhatsApp’s new version with a lot of custom options for personal contacts too. If you want special ringtone for any of your contacts, just select that special music track from your playlist. Now you will recognize that person’s message without watching your phone by that special ringtone!

There are other Custom Notifications which you can set for your personal contacts such as Pop-Up Notifications, Light colors, Custom calls and message ringtones, Enable/Disable vibration etc.

2. Lower Data Consumption in WhatsApp Calls.

WhatsApp has given a new option for those your who want to do a lot of calls on WhatsApp and reduce the data.  Just go to Calls Menu in the Chat settings and there you can see that option named as “Low Data Usage.” Just click on that box so can save the data.

3. Mark as Read/Unread.


Now, Android users can do “Unread Mark” to those messages which you have already read. Even you mark that message as unread; the sender will get notified that you have read that message.

WhatsApp has brought this feature because users can go back on that message and reply to it. This Mark will not change the conversation order in the app.

4. Mute Individual Contacts.


With this new feature, users can mute personal contacts along with the group conversation. You can mute any contact from your contact list by going at “About Menu” in the Mute Bar. If you slide this mute bar to the right side, you will see the option of setting the period of keeping chat on the mute mode which will be available from 8 hours, a week to a year.

5. New Emojis and Skin Tones.
In this new updated WhatsApp, you will see new emojis such as diverse facial emojis, Spoke Salute, the rather-rude middle finger, LGBT emojis etc. Also, you will get various emojis with different and amazing skin tones.

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