Beware! Somebody is keeping watch on your smartphone


Did you know, somebody is keeping watch on your smartphone without your knowledge, which comes handy to your every need?

Personal information from your smartphone such as Photos, Contact list, Videos, etc. can easily be stolen by anybody.  Why does that happen? Well, to be honest, apps downloaded by you, are responsible for this mess.

There are many kinds of apps in our smartphone.  Many of us do not even know that these apps monitor all activities happening on your phone.   It’s harmful to your phone! Such companies’ apps steal the personal information like as a contact list, photos, videos, important files, etc., from your smartphone.


While downloading any app/game, you easily tap on the ‘Accept’ option without reading that app’s ‘Terms and Conditions’. If you’re doing so, it is wrong!  Because, by doing so, you allow that app’s company to control on your phone.   When you select the option ‘Accept’, you allow that app to access your smartphone’s sensitive data such as a list of contact numbers, photos, videos, media files, documents, location, etc.   That downloaded app gives all those sensitive information to the related company.  That company can misuse your personal information!

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Cybercrime analyst and Indian Cyber ​​Army President Kisalaya Chaudhary stated that “Apps’ companies keep an eye on your daily activities in the name of obtaining information called ‘User Experience.’ However, none of the phone’s data can be used by that company for its own use.  But in the last one year, many of such cyber crimes have been registered in India.”


What does the Law say?

Taking /sharing /possessing any person’s photo without his/her consent-   In such cyber crimes, the criminal can be punished with three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Forwarding, sharing, or manipulating adult clips-   Seven Years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

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Remember these things:

  • Do not save important passwords on your smartphone.
  • Do not keep personal photos on the smartphone.
  • Uninstall unnecessary and non-useful apps.
  • Do not get attracted towards various free apps and games
  • Keep changing passwords of net banking accounts and email accounts from time to time.
  • Do not do private communication with your friends through apps.
  • Clean up mobile memory every 10 days.
  • If your photo or personal information is stolen, then immediately file a police complaint.

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