8 ways to increase internet speed on your Android smartphone


If I would give the highest rank to the most annoying thing in the world, it will be a slow internet in my Android smartphone. You’ll be become irritated like me, especially if you have the Android phone. But, I solved this problem by using 8 magical ways.

Here are those ways by which you will get rid of this problem forever.


  • Google Chrome can’t prevent your internet


Though Google Chrome is a useful browser for your phone, it requires much space on your phone.  So, it is better that you shouldn’t prefer Chrome for your phone.  However, you want to stay with it, make sure that clear the history and data from time to time.


  • Prefer other browsers instead of Google Chrome for your phone


If your phone is not capable for Chrome, choose other options for it. Opera Max could be a great option for your phone. It saves phone’s memory.  Also, it provides the ‘Third party VPN’ service, so it can save data using other stuff like as social media browsing, audio-video playback etc. Opera observes installed apps on your phone. You can define that if any app uses more data or not. You can manage data consumption via Opera.

The other best options for your phones are UC Browser and Opera Mini.


  • Set the browser in the ‘Text Only Mode’


For the faster internet, you have to enable ‘Text Only Mode’ on your phone.  If you’re using your device just for text messages, it will be the better option.  Just find this option in the phone’s settings.  This function will not let load any image in the browser and will boost the internet speed.


  • Choose Data Prefer instead of Call Prefer in Settings




  • Go to Settings> wireless and networks> GPRS transfer prefer
  • Select data prefer


Your slow internet will change to the fast mode.



  • Don’t prefer 2G Connection


Change 2G network to 3G in your phone settings tapping on wireless and network option. Also, you can buy a 3G pack for the data connection. Remember, the 2G network is one of the reasons for the slow internet on your phone.


  • Full cache memory doesn’t allow the fast internet


If your smartphone is full of cache memory, it causes a slow internet. Just clear this memory from time to time, and get a fast browsing experience.


  • Remove needless apps from your phone


Too many apps mean too much space. What’s more, these useless apps cause slow internet speed.  If you don’t use these apps, just remove them from your phone.  Your phone will run faster than ever before.


  • Install internet fastening apps on your phone


There are several Android apps available on Google Play store. They will help you to get the fastest internet.  In the next article, we will check out these apps.

If you want to share a tip for increasing internet speed on Android phone, tell it in the comment box below.

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