7 important privacy tips for WhatsApp users


These days, WhatsApp is becoming the special need for smartphone users. There was a time when people use calling for their every need.  But now, users do their important activities on WhatsApp. This popular messaging app has given several features to its users through consistent updates.  However, a recent report has stated that WhatsApp does not have enough policies to protect its users’ privacy. Also, the app hasn’t confirmed about the same yet.

If you’re a WhatsApp user, we can understand your worry to secure your private data.  Today, we are going to tell you some tips.  Just follow them and keep your personal information secure on this instant messaging app.

Lock WhatsApp


Though it is a basic tip, some smartphone users lock their phone’s home screen.  But WhatsApp doesn’t have such settings to do so.  So, if anybody finds your phone’s unlocked home screen, he/she can easily steal private data from your WhatsApp.  Also, you can prevent from WhatsApp hacking by locking it. For doing this, you can use third party apps.

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Hide Whatsapp Last Seen

Remove the last seen

In WhatsApp, you will see three options in the privacy tab-1. Only Me 2. For Contacts only, and 3. For Public.  You can hide your last seen and status by choosing one of three options given above.

Don’t show your profile picture to anybody

Hide your profile photo

If you fear that your profile picture will get leaked from WhatsApp, do this:

  • Go  to   Settings> Privacy> Profile Photo
  • Select ‘Only for Contacts’

Now, only active contacts can see your profile photo

Beware of Hackers


Hackers posts fake news, which go viral on WhatsApp and cause viruses in your phone. Hackers do so frequently to steal users’ data from their phones. They provide links in this news, and you click on them. If you do so, the data from your phone may at the risk.   So, don’t click on fake news/links and delete them immediately.

In the Google Play store, there are such apps, which look similar to original official apps including their spellings.  In this case, you must have full information about any app before installing it.

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Don’t  share your personal information with anybody

5 Steps to avoid your annoying WhatsApp friend

Remember; don’t share your personal information such as your mail id or account number on WhatsApp.  For this, users can use text messages.  Don’t share your address, contact number, email ID, passport, bank details, and credit/debit card details.

Hide WhatsApp Images

On WhatsApp, You always share personal photos and information with your friends and relatives.  In this case, if you wish, you can arrange WhatsApp pictures to not be seen in the photo folder.  By doing so, you can prevent your personal pictures from others’ eyes.

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