7 easy ways to save your Mobile data for the entire month


There is the risk to purchase unlimited data plans because they are so expensive. That’s why most of the smartphone users prefer limited data plan. However, there is another fear in their minds that what if this data will finish within the month.

But don’t worry friends, here are those 7 easy tricks, use them and save your phone’s data for the entire month.


  • Close the background data


Most of the apps use the data continuously. Even you’re not using the smartphone for the specific time, but you check the internet for notifications and other stuff that time. There is no need to activate each and every app which you have installed on your smartphone.  Just use only those apps for which you care, and prevent those unrequired apps from eating the background data. But how? Just follow these steps:


  • Go to Settings
  • Select  App Data Usage
  • Select that app which you want to stop  to use the  background data
  • Then you’ll see the message written as ‘Restrict background data?’, click  ‘ok’ to that message


  1. Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi

Don’t update any app over the SIM card’s network.   It is better if you update the app by going on Wi-Fi network only. To do this, Go to Google Play Store and turn off the ‘Auto-update’ feature.


  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Then  Tap on Settings
  • There you will see three option under the ‘Auto-update apps’ button
  • Select the ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’ option


  1. Use Data compression at Google Chrome

More web-browsing means more data usage.  It is possible that such websites are heavy and they spend more data by loading ads only.  Data Compression is a nice feature to reduce the data usage in Google Chrome. If you activate this feature on the browser, Google manages data transfer happening between Google websites and the browser and saves the data.


  • Open Google Chrome
  • Tap on the Menu which displays with 3 dots
  • Go to Settings
  • There you will see the ‘Data Saver’ option, just select it


  1. Check Account Sync Settings

For real-time Syncing and Push notifications, Smartphones always check contents via the Internet. During the process, Smartphones use more data.  To prevent this issue, you have to adjust Account Sync Settings according to your convenience.


  • Go to Settings>Accounts>Sync
  • Then select services for Syncing or Push Notifications


  1. Use Data Management Apps

Data Management App saves the 50% data by compressing it.  Some apps prevent the data from accessing it.

  1. Cash the important content

Some apps can store the data on the phone like as Google Play, Google Maps etc.  When you go to Wi-Fi network, just cash/store more data. So you can use it anytime and save more data.  Even you can download YouTube videos offline.  Just download those videos on Wi-Fi and then watch them offline.

  1. Online streaming is a big enemy of your data

More Online videos and music streaming means more data usage. So it will be better if you say no to online streaming. You can store that video or music on your phone. However, if you want that streaming online, just keep the streaming quality low.

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