5 Steps to avoid your annoying WhatsApp friend


Guys!  Suppose, you’re busy in completing your work assignment, and the same time your best, but ever-annoying friend sending messages frequently  on WhatsApp.  Maybe, He/she wants to talk with you for the lifetime!  Off course, you will want to kill him/her badly. But hey, instead of killing that friend, you can become invincible on WhatsApp. Here are a few simple steps, use them and stay from   your boring friend:

  • Hide your profile photo

Just hide your profile photo.  

Hide your profile photo

  • Go to Settings > Account >  Privacy > Profile Photo
  • There you will see three options- Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody

Now, only saved contacts can see your photo.

  • Hide what you’re doing

You have to hide status on WhatsApp. But unfortunately, the messenger doesn’t allow you to do so. So, you have to install GBwhatsapp APK on your phone.

Hide online status

  • Open GBwhatsapp APK and follow steps
  • Whatsapp > Options > Privacy >Hide online status

Now, you will get rid of that irritating friend.  But be cautious, this app is banned, so use it at your own risk. Also, you will be unable to see other people if they are online while using this app.

  • Remove the last seen

Your boring friend can’t see your last scene status. Here is how:

Remove the last seen

  • First, remove that contact from your contacts
  • Go to Menu  > Setting s> Account  > Privacy
  • Remove the blue tick

By Blue Tick, You can get acknowledged that if your message has read by someone or not. So, there will be possible that your boring friend can use this option.  Now, what to do? Just hide that Blue Tick!

Remove the blue tick

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  2.  On Privacy tab, uncheck Read receipts

  • Force Stop

What if your most irritating friend has recognized that you are invincible on WhatsApp? Just follow these steps:

App Force Stop

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp
  2. Click on Force Stop

Follow these easy steps and stay away from annoying friends forever!

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