10 hidden features of your Android phone


Hey Friends, you want to use your phone as a smart device. Are we right?  It is possible to do so if you know hidden features of your Android phone as follows:

  • Set up the internet data limit

Today SIM provider companies offer unlimited internet access to their users. But they say that you will get only 1 GB of data speed in a day and then you get 128 kbps of data.  In this situation, you can control your internet data by setting your mobile data limit. By using this feature, you can save the internet data, which you are accessing for useless activities.


Go to setting> Data usage> data limit set

  • Smart Lock

You can choose the place to lock your phone.  You don’t want to open your phone, again and again; the lock option is useful for you. Also, you can use the smart lock option if you want your phone not locked.  You can use your face or voice to open the lock.


Go to Setting> Security> Smart Lock

  • Developer Mode

In Android phones, the option of developer mode is given so that users can improve the performance and looks of their phones.

To enable that mode, go to setting> About phone section.  In About phone section, you will see the option named as ‘build number’ at the bottom. Tap 7 times on that option.

  • Do not disturb mode

If you’re doing any important work, or you’re sleeping, you can use this feature. After using this mode, you will not have any disturbance because your phone will turn into the silent mode.


Tap on Setting> sound & notification> then select the ‘do not disturb’ option

  • Take a screenshot in a  1 second

You can take a screenshot easily from your phone. As you scroll down the Notification bar, you can see the ‘Screenshot’ option there.  But do you know that you can take a screenshot in a 1 second?


Press the Power Key+ Volume Down buttons at the same time. After that, the image of your screen will be saved in the ‘Gallery’ option.

It is a fast option to take a screenshot.

  • Stop annoying notifications

If an app’s notifications come repeatedly on your phone and you don’t know which app it is, you can locate those notifications.  Keep clicking on those notifications for a while, and then you will know about that app. Now you can stop those notifications if you want.

  • Save the battery

If your phone’s battery expires fast, this feature is helpful for you.  As you see, sometimes our phone’s battery becomes very low. Sometimes you forget to charge your phone. In such cases, sometimes your phone doesn’t get any source to charge it.  You can use this feature in such situations and save the battery.


Go to setting. There you will see the ‘Battery’ option, click it. Then turn on the ‘Battery saver’ option.

  • Manage the speed of your phone

If you want to slow/fasten the speed of your phone, access this feature.


Tap on Setting> developer option. Here you will see 3 options for setting animation scale- 1. Window animation scale 2. Transition animation scale and 3. Animator duration scale.   If you turn off these options, your phone will work on the fastest speed. After that, if any app or task is open, you will not see any animation. These 3 options are given because users can control the transmission speed and window Animation speed of their phone.

  • Install dual apps

It is true that you can’t install 2 apps alike on your phone. But nowadays, there are some apps, which can help you to do so. The best-known app is Parallel Space.

  • Use your voice to control your phone

Yes, you can control your phone by your voice. For this, you can install the Google Voice Access app. By this app, you can give voice commands to use your phone.  Currently, the app is in its beta version, so you may have difficulties to access it. Right now, the app runs on the internet.

If you are using these tips, or you have any question about them, ask us in the comment section below.

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