10 apps will help you to increase internet speed on your Android Phone


In the last article, you had read the reasons for getting a slow internet connection on your Android phone. As promised, I’m mentioning those 10 apps, which are superior to boost internet speed and will give you an amazing browsing experience that you had never gotten before.

Here are those 10 apps as follows:


  • Internet Booster



The app speeds up the internet from 40% to 80%. It clears DNS cache. When you play multi-player games, it develops the ping speed.  The app stops background apps while browsing.

Download here from Play Store


  • Internet Accelerator



It increases the internet speed by 25-50%. It boosts MTU for the better ping experience. It clears DNS as well as the browser cache. The app speeds up downloading your files. What’s more, you will get better-qualified video pre-buffering.

Download here from Play Store


  • Speedify-Faster Internet



Speedify combines Wi-Fi connection and your cellular easily while having a poor Wi-Fi network. Its “Channel Bonding” technology breaks internet traffic packet-by-packet across available internet connections.

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  • Network Signal Speed Booster


The app analyzes 3G and Wi-Fi connection in the device and speeds up the internet by one-click action. It increases this experience up to 17%.

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  • Internet Speed Master


The app supports all ROMs. It modifies system files to increase speed in TCP/IP settings. But you have to make sure that you should take a backup of your phone before installing this app. The app works best for rooted phones and has installed by 1 million users.

Download here from Play Store

  • Network Speed Booster


The app is easy to use. After opening it, just tap on the ‘Start Booster’ button, then the app will start its work. The app detects, scans all your background apps, and disables those apps which interrupt your internet connection.

Download here from Play Store

  • 3G 4G Fast Internet Browser


It is an internet browser which gives the faster internet by providing important features. It has a simple and fast UI. The app offers Ad Block features in settings.

Download here from Play Store

  • Internet Booster & Optimizer


It works for rooted and non-rooted smartphones.  It gives the nice browsing experience by running several commands on the phone. It flushes DNS, pauses secondary apps, and cleans cache memory and RAM. The user can get enhanced internet speed only by the browser.

Download here from Play Store

  •  Turbo Booster (Speed Up)


The app is one- tap cleaner. It optimizes, cleans and boosts your android device easily. It will clean RAM memory as well as disk space. It generates and deletes the least used apps. Also, it deletes unnecessary WhatsApp media files which eat your internet memory.

Download here from Play Store


  • 4G Connection Booster


The app works with all operators. You will get a renewed connection in less than 10 seconds after opening it. It cleans not only your phone but also old connections. The app is used by more hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Your internet connection navigates faster with two simple clicks.

Download here from Play Store


Tell us about your favorite internet speed booster app in the comment section below.


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